Maruchan (US) - The Feels
Illustrations for Marchan's TV commercials(2021)​​​​​​​
Voice over:
What’s it like enjoying a bowl of Maruchan? It’s heartwarming like finding a new friend. Enriching like watching something grow. It’s refreshing like a change of perspective and gratifying like making every second count. Savor life’s little moments that warm you up and fill you with joy.
Maruchan. Smiles for all.
日本でも即席ラーメンでおなじみの東洋水産のマルちゃん。アメリカ法人の のTVコマーシャルのためのアニメーションイラストを制作しました。
Still pictures
Maruchan - The Feels (2021)
Client: Maruchan (US)
Media: TV commercials
Producer and agency: AMP Agency
Creative director: James Hough
Art director: Val Beckwith & Roberto Valdivieso
Senior Copywriter: Meg Lake
Animation & Sound Production : 3Dar
Animation Director: Julian Dorado
Illustration: Masae Takahashi
Thank you for watching.
Masae Takahashi / Illustrator / Japan
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